Friday, December 10, 2010

Week ending December 10

A few of tees on the courses have suffered a burn from the recent herbicide application which is most unusual.  The tees were sprayed at the same time as other areas and as mentioned earlier you would normally expect a superficial burn but the tees are far worse.  The tees are always under a degree of stress with the amount of wear they receive and this is most likely the cause.  Turf is no different from any living thing in that if it is weakened in any area it is more prone to other problems manifesting themselves.  Fortunately only a small number of tees were sprayed and therefore affected by the burn. 

Spray burn at rear 2nd West tee

The Greg Norman junior tournament is nearly upon us again and the Renay Appleby day was played today.  A 17 year old girl from Malaysia shot an impressive 5 under 68 in windy and warm conditions to win the girls event and the boys could only manage an even par round for their best score.  There was a straight drive on the 16th River today and I extended the line a little this morning with the north wind blowing but didn't figure on one of the girls bombing a straight 250 metre drive past the end of the line nearly equal to the Fig trees.!

Next week will see us starting earlier in the morning to prepare the River course in front of the juniors 2 tee start.  About two and a half hours is about all the time we get on the River course each day next week so we need to make the most of it.

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