Friday, July 29, 2011

Hydraulic spill

I am still holding out hope that the hydraulic spill on the 17th West green will still recover without needing patching which will be good.  With the West greens renovation coming up in 3 weeks the area should recover fully.  There are some other brown patches on the 17th West green and they are from the application of a product to control Wintergrass.  There were only isolated patches in the green so rather than spraying the entire green I opted to just spot apply.  The Bentgrass takes a bit of a burn but should grow out without any problems.

Wintergrass spot sprayed

Recovering oil spill 17 West
Over the past few weeks we have been lifting some turf in the low run-off areas of some of the West greens and re-shaping them to allow the water to shed off the green in times of heavy rain.  Most of these areas have built up over time with the constant movement of water and soil /sand debris over them and have thus far prevented water from getting off the green.  Once again after the renovation you will barely know we have been there.

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