Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's over

Yes the much maligned West greens renovations have now been completed.  It is always a difficult task to complete the greens in the day and a half we normally have but 6 inches of rain made it impossible.  Fortunately Thursday cleared and with the co-operation of the Vets in allowing a medley comp to take place on the River course we were able to complete the works which is virtually impossible if you have any amount of play.  So thankfully a frustrating week for the course staff and golfers alike comes to an end.  At this stage the greens should receive their first mowing on this coming Thursday afternoon.  The greens have to be dry to allow the mowing otherwise a huge amount of sand gets picked up and affects the quality of cut.
I have often said to people that August is reliably the driest month of the year here with September a close second but this year certainly disproved that theory.  A check of the rainfall figures sees August 2011 the wettest since since 1958 and you need to go back to 1908 before that so hopefully it will be a long time until we experience those conditions again.
Interesting to note that one of the long range weather forecasters works on cycles of the moon and 18.5 years is one cycle so 2 is naturally 37 and 2011 is 37 years after 1974 for the floods in Brisbane.  Hopefully we are done with the flood events for 2011! 


  1. Peter - thought you and the members may like to check out the following website:
    Andy Bowen is currently playing the Nullabour Links Golf Course but instead of driving from hole to hole he is running!! That's a distance of 1400kms + golf in 16 days. Might put your busy week into perspective !! By the look of things he might need a help with the sponsorship to some worthy causes. Regards. Roy Gamma

  2. Certainly a challenge he's undertaken Roy. There always seems to be something else out there that puts our worries in perspective.


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