Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fairway aerating

"Tracaire" aerator in operation
The fairway aerating has commenced for this season.  This operation helps to reduce some of the compaction caused by the huge numbers of golf carts that use the courses on a daily basis.  It is quite an old machine that we use and whilst not perfect it does a reasonable job fairly quickly and penetrates up to 150mm.  If weather, play and manpower permits the fairways will be covered twice in the coming weeks.  The River course has nearly been completed for the first time already.  The damage to the fairway surface from the machine doesn't interfere with play too much and is repaired by the fairway mower going over the fairway.  This will result in some scalping of some areas and can only be done once the surface is dry to prevent the build up of dirt on the rollers.  The local rule concerning relief from "aeration holes" should be used to if your lie is affected.

Aeration hole close up

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