Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well at present we have two type of pests on the golf courses - a species of Corella that is nesting adjacent to 7 West fairway that make so much noise in the morning as they fly off for the days foraging.  When they return in the afternoon they have taken to attacking the greens.  It is quite amazing actually as they generally only attack the green when the flagstick is in the hole.  They take a nibble at the flag then slide down the pole and feed on the hole itself.  One theory is that they are sharpening their beak on the hard surface of the hole cup.  We are lucky in one way that they only attack one green as their are many courses throughout Australia where multiple greens are nearly rotary hoed by these pests.  The other type of pest we have is a species of golfer who has no respect for the golf course or those playing behind them.  Pitch marks and divots out of greens are starting to re-appear and is very frustrating to say the least.

Unrepaired pitch mark

A divot out of 13 West green

Repaired Corella damage on 7 West green

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