Friday, February 3, 2012

A huge effort by your groundstaff this week in restoring the golf course after the wet.  90% of bunkers are now dry and have had washouts repaired.  The last couple of days we have been blowing the debris out of the bunkers as well and just don't have the manpower to achieve all that and get them raked at the same time.  They are fairly hard packed after the rain and the majority should be raked tomorrow.  Just about all the rough has been mown this week after missing 10 days of mowing due to the rain which is a credit to the operators, one of whom is a 17 year old in his first week with us.  At the start of the week I didn't think we had any chance of mowing it all but we got there.  The fairways are showing the benefits of the growth regulator as I mentioned in my previous post.  The photo below shows an area on 14 West fairway just past the road where the area wasn't sprayed last time.  You can see the thatchiness of it and the scalping from the mowers.  This is what all the fairways would be like without the growth regulator.  14 West is one of our Kikuyu / Blue Couch mix fairways and if you look closely at the photo you can see just how restricted the Kikuyu is in the sprayed area.

Growth regulator missed area 14 West
And you know there hasn't been a lot of play on the courses when weeds start growing in the divot soil bins!!

15 River tee soil bin

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