Sunday, April 29, 2012

170 mm of rain overnight on top of 47 mm the night before.  At least the new drainage in the bunkers on 4 West worked and most of the bunker face held up!!  A bit better than the back bunker.
Time for a holiday methinks!!  I will be back in late May and hopefully things will have dried out by then.  Au revoir.
Front 4 West bunker

Rear bunker on 4 West a tad wet!

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  1. Today, Wednesday 2 May, I played in the Club Competition on the West Course.

    The Course was barely playable with water filling bunkers and inundating the fairways and rough. Yet carts were allowed on the course. There is no doubt they inflicted severe damage to the course. It is disappointing that the poor decision to allow carts on the course will have undone all the recent great work.

    It would be interesting to know why carts were allowed on the course and how this decision was made.
    Joe Long


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