Friday, July 13, 2012

With the amount of rain we have been having there have not been many players on the West course this past week which is great for the greens as they get a nice break from the normal player numbers and are looking very good.  The little spike in temperature is also helping them along (I recorded 24 degrees at the shed today) and it is unfortunate that the third round of the Club Championships needed to be cancelled as the greens are looking and putting beautifully at the moment.  As I write this the rain has started falling again just topping up the already sodden turf with many fairways totally "casual water".

The next time you do venture out on to the West you may notice some temporary fencing adjacent to the maintenance compound to the left of the 9th West following the removal of the underground fuel storage tanks this week. The tanks have been in the ground some 30 years and have been replaced by an above ground version to the north of the shed.  New regulations governing underground tanks have been introduced into NSW that make it financially unviable to keep them in the ground due to the various compliance issues and cost.  So the tanks have been removed and we now await the results of some soil tests to confirm that there is no contamination in the area.  The excavated sand is being "farmed" at the moment to allow for it to be re-used in backfilling the hole which will be done in three weeks time if everything goes as planned.

The old fuel bowser

The new fuel storage

The old tanks about to leave the premises

I had an interesting visitor to my office this week when a Kookaburra decided to perch himself on my whiteboard.  He was looking around for some food I suspect and I was hoping it wouldn't be a snake!!

The visitor

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