Friday, March 7, 2014

Well it has certainly been a dry summer but when I discovered that it was actually the driest summer season on record for the Tweed Heads site I was amazed.  There was only a couple of falls above 10mm but rain was recorded on 29 of the 90 days which is why I was so surprised.  It was however a nice change from the last two years when we received 1005mm and 891 mm respectively but was just a little bit too much of one extreme to the other.  The dry conditions don't allow the grass to grow in the rough though, particularly the broadleaf Carpetgrass that normally "swallows" the ball so there have been fewer lost balls which means happier players!!.

The driest summers at Tweed Heads in millimetres

Year 2013/14                                                
Dec 13           28.6   
Jan 14            65.0
Feb 14           45.8
Total           139.4

Year 1938/39             
Dec 38             8.3
Jan 39            75.2
Feb 39           57.4
Total            140.9

Year 1918/19         
Dec 18           35.1
Jan 19            19.8
Feb 19            99.6
TOTAL         154.5

Year 1901/02         
Dec 01           13.9
Jan 02            82.7
Feb 02            66.6
TOTAL         163.2

And what is it about morons when they get in a golf cart?

6 River bunker
It must have been a hot week with a Goanna sighted out and about on 6 river earlier this week.  A pity he couldn't have chased our friends in the buggy away!
Goanna on 6 River

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