Friday, August 1, 2014

An amazing burst of weather this week with my thermometer at the shed reading 26º today which is in stark contrast to the equally amazing burst of weather in Victoria at the moment with snow falling in the coastal town of Lorne!!  Quite incredible that we had the haze from the local bushfires hanging over the course this morning and a two hour plane ride away is so frigid. The fertiliser that has been put down over the past few weeks is seeing a tinge of colour return across the courses but nowhere near enough to cause any grass growth.  The West greens were given a very light application of fertiliser last week and are growing incredibly well and look fantastic although some pace has gone from them with the lush growth.

Sunrise through the smoke haze Friday August 1.

 A trial is underway on the back 9 of the West course where some reflective tape has been stuck just under the flag which from all reports makes it easier for rangefinders to zero in on the flagstick.  It was hard to get a good photo with the reflection as seen in the photo below so it just may help.

Reflective tape on the flagstick.

And with the amount of wind we have it is a regular occurrence for the flagsticks to blow out of the putting cup completely or move around and finish up on a lean.  A new cup is being trialed on 10 West green that "locks" the flagstick in.  Unfortunately it is still the same size so won't help your putting!!

New putting cup.

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