Sunday, November 2, 2014

Well the wind continues and accurate irrigation remains nigh on impossible.  The greens aren't too bad as we can hand water them although this is a drain on staff resources.  The very sandy free draining soil profile on the River greens is noticeable now with dry patches appearing on them which requires back up hand water.  
Early morning players would have noticed a lot of fairway watering going on as we seem to get a lull in the wind from 5 to 7 am most mornings.  We only have a single row of "Toro 690 series" sprinklers and whilst they are virtual water cannons they can't operate efficiently in the wind.  These sprinklers have a throw of 30 metres and deliver 280 litres per minute which is an incredible amount of water for  a sprinkler.  They are a gear drive type sprinkler and are 2 speed meaning that they operate at a slower speed in the non overlap area which is to the side of the fairways and a faster speed in the overlap areas in the middle of the fairways.

690 fairway sprinkler in full flight 13 River
As mentioned in Captain Dave's newsletter last week the Board approved more funds for bunker sand and the delivery of such has commenced.  I was anticipating getting the sand out this coming week prior to a very busy November but unfortunately one staff member has a recent long term sickness and anothers wife is about to give birth a few weeks early which coupled with 2 staff on annual leave means I am very short staffed.  I have booked the back hoe which places the sand for us and he is only available this week so some of the sand will be stockpiled in bunkers and spread when we can get to them and some bunkers will therefore be out of play until this time. The last lot of sand was only placed in greenside bunkers but this time there will be some added to fairway bunkers as well particularly on 6 River as an example.

As mentioned above November is going to be a busy time on the courses with the re-construction of 13 River green commencing next Monday November 10th and the River greens renovations starting the following Monday.

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