Friday, February 20, 2015

A further 96mm of rain overnight on Thursday has tipped us over 1000 mm of rain since Boxing Day which is more than 40 inches in the old terms.  And just another 60mm during Friday!!  The very high tides that are accompanying this weather system means that the water can't get off the courses so it will take a few days of dry weather and receding tides for the drying out process to start.

Unfortunately 17 West green has suffered some wash from the rainfall so will take some time repairing although most of the grass has remained in place at this stage.  The best thing for an establishing couch green is warmth and sun light and some rain but not to the extent that we received.  The grass has established very well and at this stage the wash at the front may delay the opening date but with a return to some good weather the green should get back on track quickly.

As I write this on Friday afternoon the forecast is for the worst of the weather to arrive this evening so here's hoping we miss the brunt of it.  A few shots from the courses on Friday afternoon;
16 West

The ducks are enjoying it

2 West

And the worst is yet to come?

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