Friday, May 1, 2015

The weather is the obvious talking point at the moment with 160mm having already fallen on the courses to 4pm Friday.  Hopefully the expected low pressure system dissipates or completely disappears (which is doubtful) and allows the courses to dry out.  We took advantage of the lack of play to verti drain aerate the West greens late this week which will assist in water movement through the profile and allow for some much needed air exchange.  The verti drain is a deep tine aerator that employs a solid tine and we were penetrating 6 to 8 inches deep.  This will also allow some room for some roots to grow within the soil profile.

The West greens were also de-thatched earlier in the week and sanded however much of that sand has now been washed away.

Works associated with the Course Improvement Plan continued this week and at this stage the high rainfall has not caused any damage to any of the works which hopefully continues to be the case.  The rain is certainly an inconvenience and has obviously delayed some of the works. 

Earlier this week the ProLiner bunker liner was installed as reported last week.  The installation went well and the rainfall so far has given the bunker a stern test which it passed comfortably.  Normally after the recent rainfall the bunker face would be badly washed out and full of water.  

Promising test so far??
Until the rain arrived it was a fairly hectic week particularly on Monday and Tuesday with several contractors working across the courses.  Just to cap off Tuesday I received a phone call from the Pro Shop late Tuesday afternoon alerting me to a "massive fire on 8 River".  Fortunately massive was an overstatement but the fire brigade attended nonetheless.  The fire was started by someones overnight camp fire and was fortunately extinguished before it got too bad.

A day in the life of a Superintendent??

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