Friday, July 10, 2015

Not very much to report on the courses this week although it's certainly nice to see the courses drying out.  The River greens were mini solid tine aerated on Monday to allow for some much needed air exchange.  The greens will also be "verti drain" aerated next week which is a deeper solid tine which will penetrate 20cm or around 8 inches.

13R green continues to struggle in the shade and the mowers have now been taken off the green for the foreseeable future but with the low growth there shouldn't be too much interference to play.

Winter grass control on the West greens commenced this week and that is the reason behind the slight discoloration in them although the putting surface is great at the moment with plenty of pace and nice firmness.

The Open Championship starts next week at the home of golf St Andrews.  Having recently visited there I am looking forward to seeing how the course plays now that I have some local knowledge.  It will definitely be a stark contrast to Chambers Bay and the recent US Open as Scotland is enduring its wettest June on record and the Old Course is very green.  The photo below shows some recent local flooding but the site is so sandy that most of the water would be gone very quickly.

Water everywhere at St Andrews

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