Saturday, October 3, 2015

The West greens have all but fully recovered from their renovation 3 weeks ago and are looking great.  Mowing height is back to normal and some growth regulator yesterday should help fine the leaf up in the next week.  The fertiliser that is applied during the renovation to aid recovery also lets the winter grass re-establish so that will be attended to in the coming weeks.  Fortunately there are only a handful of greens with any present.

The weather whilst warming up is still not enough to really get the turf moving, especially on the fairways.  We have started liquid fertilising fairways to give them some colour and stir up some growth.

The high winds of the past couple of weeks has a lot of leaf debris down and makes finding a ball in the rough difficult but we are trying to keep up with the mowing / mulching.

Last Sunday wasn't much fun when one of the irrigation controllers malfunctioned and several sprays came on and stayed on overnight.  13 West fairway which is probably the last fairway that needs extra water was flooded.  The irrigation controllers were installed in 2002 and have had very few problems in that time.

13W fairway under water     

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