Friday, November 6, 2015

Quite a busy week on the courses with a number of irrigation issues rearing their head requiring some substantial repair works.  We operate a "hydraulic" type system which utilises water pressure to keep the valves on the sprinklers closed.  As that pressure is taken away the sprinkler pops up.  At present we have a problem with the supply line losing pressure somewhere and are trying to locate it.  We thought we had when a leak detector found a leak under a 6 foot high mound on the LHS of 10W fairway which rather than digging up the mound we re laid the pipe over the top of the mound.  This has helped but there must still be another leak out there somewhere causing some of the sprinklers to weep.

New trench line LHS 10W

Nearly 60mm of rain fell in the storms during the week which was most welcome, especially with some predictions of a drier than normal summer season ahead.

A number of holes have been left exposed tonight and they are the tapping locations for the sprinkler installation starting on Monday.  Having them already exposed gives us a great start to the process which will hopefully take two full days to complete.

The "anchoring ban" that was announced nearly 3 years ago comes in to force on January 1 2016 which is nearly "next month'!!  Although not many club golfers use the method this link takes you to US Golf Digests explanation of the ban which is quite informative and simple.  Just click your mouse over the link for it to appear.  

And I read this quote and liked it; "You know you're a golfer when you think its ok to wash your practice balls in the dishwasher at home"!!

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