Friday, February 12, 2016

With only a couple of days lost to sick leave and no annual leave this week the crew was at just about full strength and it certainly shows on the courses.  The old staffing mark for the courses prior to my arrival was 22 for summer and this week for four days I had 14 including myself on the courses and that number dropped to 12 on Wednesday.  It's a credit to the crew the work they put in and what is achieved week to week with such low numbers on such a big property.  If only the wind would take some leave and give us a chance to not have to be continually cleaning up tree debris and leaves.

Massive tides this week saw water inundating the short range and parts of 1 and 9 River fairways.  In front of the chipping green where the water lays is a patch of a grass known as Sea Isle.  It is a salt water resistant variety and as can be clearly seen in the photos is much more resistant to the almost pure sea water that pushed in on the fairway than the normal couchgrass turf.

Tidal water

Salt burn on couchgrass

Some herbicide was applied to the fairways this week, predominantly on the River course and players will notice a distinct dis-coloration of the turf for the next week or so.  Not only are the desired grasses enjoying the heat and moisture of summer but the weeds are too.  With the constant wind over the past few months one issue is being able to spray and on the days that are suitable to spray the target has to be prioritised with the greens obviously most important so some times the weeds may be getting out of hand but it is safety first with all spray applications.  

And 17W green turned 1 year old this week!  The Tifeagle is settling in very well and providing an excellent putting surface with no hint of stress from the summer weather conditions or volume of play.  The firmness of the green is easing and the green in general should continue to improve.  The Tifeagle practice green is nine weeks old this week and apart from the wash on the southern banks has established particularly well.  It received the last "heavy" sanding today which should help achieve the final levels.

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