Friday, June 10, 2016

The transformation of the courses this week is nothing short of amazing and a testament to dedication and hard work performed by the ground staff.  Dad's Army and a couple of volunteers also did a great job "stick picking" on Tuesday.  To give an idea of the staff numbers that were on course this week;  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday there were 10, Wednesday 8 and Friday 9.  That's the same as some 18 hole courses on the Gold Coast and the resultant Coolie Tweed courses are an absolute credit to them.

The courses have just about been cleared of all the debris and a large percentage of bunkers restored.  The Friday comp was lucky today as I didn't think we would get all the bunkers prepared and raked in play in front of them so left all bunkers as GUR.  The bunkers finished up all getting done in front of the comp which again was a great effort by the staff.  A couple of West course bunkers were virtually destroyed and have been rebuilt and had fresh sand added with a few more to be done.

There has been some widespread damage to golf courses right down the east coast and we can be thankful that the river doesn't really do any bad damage when it breaks its banks and we don't really have much inundation.  The salt factor of the water certainly has an effect as can be seen on 1 and 9 River fairways and the short range.  The volume of water that can be shifted off the courses via the drainage network is also something that still astounds me even after so many chaotic weather events.

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