Sunday, November 20, 2016

The weather has continued to favour the works on the West greens TifEagle conversion still powering along and approaching an end.  The second major storm that hit the courses last Saturday again caused little or no damage to the new surfaces which was a great relief.  18W was finished off and was planted today with 12W having nearly all the final shaping done.  Unfortunately the plant material will not be available until next Friday so planting will be delayed until then and a greens nursery (spare turf) will also be developed next week.  14W also had its cover removed this week.

I have had several questions about the planting method and the "stolons" are just small pieces of grass that are planted and kept wet until such time as thay have taken root.  Not unlike taking a cutting off an azalea and growing it on but in this case there are tens of thousands of pieces of plant material.

12W presented some challenges with a very shallow growing medium and no gravel layer.  The decision was made to dig down through the drainage to make the depth consistent with the other greens and re-install the drainage and also a gravel layer.  The green must have previously been located in what would have been a grove of trees with a large number of stumps evident, particularly on the LHS.  There were also some massive tree roots which are the biggest yet encountered on the project.

Next week we take a breath and get ready to plant 12W on Friday and do quite a bit of cleaning up around the place as well as get in to some serious greenkeeping on the developing greens.  It has been interesting to note that 11W which was planted 8 days after 13W is in front in its development.  This could be put down to the afternoon shade that 13W receives which will be something to monitor.

The couchgrass on the surrounds is certainly enjoying the extra moisture and fertiliser and that coupled with no golfers trampling it down has it growing profusely and sending runners in to the greens which are now being trimmed to stop such encroachment.

11W in full sunlight @ 3.30pm.

The shade starting to roll across 13W at the same time.

Uncovering 14W

One of the tree roots growing in from the RHS 12W

A collection of tree roots from 12W
Foreign couch running in to the new greens

First load of top blend in to 12W
Final roll on 12W

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