Friday, December 16, 2016

The cover came off 12W green on Thursday which was the last to be uncovered in the West greens Tifeagle conversion for this year.  It had really moved along and will be catching up with the others very quickly.  This week was 10 weeks since 13W was planted and 9 weeks since 16W and 11W were done.  They received a heavy sanding today and aren't far off being bought back in to play.  There is just some thin areas on the edges and unfortunately they are in the major walk off areas.  These 3 greens and all the others are progressing very well and forming a very good surface.

Other than that it has been a week of getting ready for the busy holiday golfing season with as much preparation done as possible.  The growth regulator will be applied to the fairways next week which significantly reduces the need for mowing which is critical at this time of year.

The cover coming off 12W after 20 days.

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