Friday, February 17, 2017

A very busy week across the courses this week and the dry conditions continue with the irrigation system stretched to the limit.  At least we have a reasonable supply of water that although it is not ideal for turfgrass it is way better than having to buy potable water in as many clubs along the east coast are doing.  The grass is still motoring along though and when we do get the break in the dry conditions and receive some reasonable rainfall the grass will be really growing.  90% chance of 15 - 25 mm on Sunday would be a very nice start!!

I think "brutal" would be the best way to describe the weather last week end but the remaining Bentgrass greens are handling the summer thus far it fairly well. There is no doubt that the lower number of players is part of the reason for them hanging in so well.  There is an enormous amount of stress placed on any kind of putting surface from foot traffic and unrepaired pitch marks that then become disease sites.  I have seen it before when the courses are effectively "closed" for a few days after a rain event and there is no traffic on the greens and the immediate improvement.  

Maybe it's an omen for some rain but he probably just likes the fish in the dams but we have a huge Pelican that is regularly landing on 15W green and watching over the dam.  It's an awesome sight to see it land and / or fly off.  Mother Nature really is amazing sometimes.

The Pelican

Trenching to 1W tee

Elsewhere on the courses the line to the drinking fountain at 1W tee was replaced this week and as suggested last week the collars on the TifEagle greens were scarified.  The greens themselves are still maturing and dependent on how they progress next week may get another heavy sanding to assist the surface develop.

Next week will see the construction of some mounding on 12 and 14W fairways so both holes will play shorter at various times on Monday and Tuesday weather permitting.

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