Friday, May 12, 2017

Not very much to report this week as things are really starting to slow down around the courses.  A major irrigation break on a 150mm pipeline at the rear of 1 west green was probably the biggest thing to happen for the week.  Fortunately our mini excavator operator Gus dropped everything to come in and dig the hole for us which was quite large and helped expedite the repair.

As I mentioned last week the greens at Sawgrass this week for the Players Championship are TifEagle and are one year old and from the look of the first round were putting great.  Here at Cool Tweed the new TifEagle's have really slowed down and have lost a lot of their colour which is normal for this time of year and is the same as 17 West two years ago.  Yes it's two and a half years since 17 was done!!  Most grasses respond colour wise to an application of iron sulphate but not so much with the TifEagle so don't get to concerned with the lighter colour of the greens.

And on the topic of Sawgrass and the famous par 3 17th, I played it in 1988 with then Superintendent Fred Klauk and couldn't hit the green and was cursing designer Pete Dye all the way to 18 tee.  Funnily enough Pete Dye is probably best remembered for the island green and  it has stuck ever since with this quote from Pete himself;  "People have the idea I’m in love with island greens. Well, I’ve designed two in 50 years. Once you’re stereotyped, it’s almost impossible to lose it"!!

The American Superintendents Association are conducting a campaign at the moment to "Thank a Super" which has already been mentioned on the Players telecast.  I particularly can relate to the following summary of the start of a day at the course;
Open the office: Tick
Quick check of course: Tick
Put schedule together: Tick
Sprinklers on: Tick
Greens mowed: Tick     
Eat breakfast: Tick 

And as things slow down on the courses it is more important than ever to leave the course as you would like to find it.  That refers to sanding divots, repairing pitchmarks and raking bunkers.  Divots on fairways take a lot longer to recover at this time of year so filling them with sand and smoothing them is most important.  Unlike the attempt below although at least an attempt was made! 

Not the best thing for the fairway mowers.

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