Friday, October 20, 2017

Quite cool and cloudy conditions earlier in the week which was nice to work in but not very good for growing warm season grasses especially ones that have just been planted last week such as 1W green!!  It has also been very windy which has meant our plant protection spray programs have been interrupted resulting in a bit more disease on some greens than I would like.  Even the temporaries on the front 9 West haven't been spared an outbreak.

2W temp disease
A very productive week on the greens project seeing both 5 and 7 being completed with just some fine trimming left prior to planting early next week.  6 has been excavated out and it was amazing to see the number of tree roots that were in the green from the Eucalyptus trees at the rear feeding on all the nutrient and water that is applied to the green.

Work starts on 5W
It will depend a little on the weather as to which green we move to next.  Both 4 and 8 are able to be done in very wet conditions should we encounter them given their proximity to the entry road allowing easy access for the sand trucks.

A couple of videos below to finish the week off that might give some insight into what we do on the greens.


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