Friday, April 20, 2018

I spoke too soon last week about the temperature in the morning after we dropped below 20 degrees at the shed in the morning on Monday this week.  The rest of the week stayed warmer but we aren't far away from slowing right down.  One of the effects of the cooler temperatures is the slow recovery of divots which is particularly noticeable on some of the short doglegs on the River course.  It makes it more important to re-fill your divot with sand to give your fellow players a better chance at a reasonably playable lie.  Although I tend to agree with Tiger Woods that if you land on a sanded divot you should be able to get relief.
The forecast for the next week or so doesn't sound so good rainfall wise so we took the opportunity to get some fertiliser out on some of the weaker tees today.  Quite often a good way to scare the rain away.
And speaking of scaring,  I thought we had a bad duck problem until I saw this photo from a country course in Victoria.  In the USA they have major problems with Canadian Geese as well as ducks damaging greens and most of them have on course dogs to keep the birds off greens.

Good etiquette to stay off the green whilst players are putting!

Wednesday this week was a tough day to make the call on motorised buggies being on.  I heard the rain overnight and checked the airport for their rainfall total and they had 6mm which I thought was about right.  Upon arriving at the course I discovered we had received 27mm!!  The rain was still falling and the thunder and lightning still rumbling and the courses, in particular the West, were under water and hence the call was made which as I mentioned a few weeks ago it is the part of my job that I enjoy least.  It would be a pretty easy call to make at this course in the USA though!!

No chance of buggies on here!!

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