Friday, August 31, 2018

Maybe I should lament about the weather more often, particularly the lack of rain as I did last week with nearly 50mm of rain falling last week end.  Most of it would have soaked in which is just what the doctor ordered as they say.  Recent soil tests had sodium levels in the greens very high which is normal after a prolonged dry spell and high use of irrigation with our recycled water.  Whilst the water is free it is not perfect and does cause some issues for the turf although it is very consistent in makeup.  The rain would have helped "flush" the sodium out of the root zone and allow the greens to start growing again which has been evident from the green up this week.  Some specific fertilising will be employed as well as some solid tining of the greens in the coming weeks.

The staff did a great job getting the course ready for todays Pro am with a "playerless" course available on Thursday afternoon allowing the courses to be fully blown and mown during the course of the day.   Fairways like 2, 4, and 11R always seem to have leaf matter on them and it's not often we get the chance to get the courses so clean of debris so it's very satisfying to see them in that condition. Didn't last long though as the predicted "near gale" force winds have arrived blowing debris down and making scoring tough.

Another old saying of red sky at night a sailors delight didn't quite come true with the sunset below on 4 River on Thursday evening.  Then again I guess sailors want wind which they certainly got on Friday.

4R into the sunset.

11R spotlessly clean on Thursday afternoon.
11R not so clean Friday afternoon!!😧

A bit of a sad day to farewell Russ Davis today.  Russ has been here 21 years and whilst in my former position at Victoria GC the Pro there Brian Simpson celebrated his "21st birthday" at that club, so in my 35 years as a Superintendent I have spent 34 of them with just 2 Club Pro's which is pretty amazing.  Russ is one of natures true gentlemen which always makes me wonder how he finished up barracking for Collingwood!!  Good luck in the future with whatever you do Russ.
Interested visitor in an on course irrigation controller!!

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