Friday, September 6, 2019

September has certainly arrived with a bang with some almost summer like conditions this week.  It was a shame that we had the smoke haze to dull down the days but it was a great week.  We use a growth regulator product around the course at various times of the year and for various reasons that are not always associated with growth regulation.  Normally in late September the product is used to prevent the couchgrass in the fairways from setting a seedhead which is quite unsightly and also very difficult to mow off.  That application went out this week and is an indication of the movement in plant life with the warmer than normal winter and now start to spring.  The earliest I have been previously was September 18.

The results of the root pruning is starting to show with some quite distinct lines showing up around the courses.  One of the negatives is the amount of weed that has germinated in the sliced areas which just shows how opportunistic plants are when presented with a seedbed.  We were trying to do some more pruning this week down the side of 4W which was apparently an old tip site at one stage with all manner of car parts and even cars not that far under the surface.  Further back on 4W we earlier unearthed a starter motor of all things but where we were this week must be a car as it stalled the machine!!

A distinct root prune line on RHS 9W.
And a great photo below from a member this week who noticed a couple of Bush Stone  Curlews watching them play from 1W tee.  This from the Tweed Council webpage about them;  In NSW, the Bush Stone-curlew has been listed as an Endangered species which means that it is likely or is in immediate danger of becoming extinct. Estimations show that only 1000 breeding pairs are left in NSW (and declining) and all efforts are needed to ensure the long term survival of this wonderful bird.
Interested spectators.

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