Friday, October 18, 2019

Just a measly 27mm last weekend which certainly won't be sniffed at but gee it would have been nice to get some more.  The 2mm in the front that passed through on Thursday evening was also disappointing but at least we have had some rain now.  The wind over the past weeks has played havoc with planning with the spray jobs literally banking up which is normal for this time of year but very frustrating as we keep dropping behind.  On the days we can spray greens are prioritised and then it's down the chain from there.

This is the filter that operates in the pump shed for the irrigation water and it is a crucial piece of machinery in the maintenance of the courses.  It is an automatic self cleaning unit that back flushes to clear debris when it senses that pressure starts to drop and no actual electric power is required as it operates solely on inline water pressure.  It has been in the irrigation shed since the pump station was installed in 2000 and was upgraded to some new technology in 2018.  It has barely missed a beat over the years which is of great assistance to the even application of irrigation across the courses.  We pulled it down this week for its 6 monthly service and it was back humming again within 3 hours.  It is a pretty laborious task to undertake but at least we only need to do it 6 monthly whereas I know of courses with dirty water supplies that need to do it every week in some instances. 

The filter in the pump shed.

Whilst we serviced the filter the pumps obviously have to be down so we take the opportunity to replace / service the many other smaller filters and fittings that help make the irrigation system tick over.  This includes the town water line that feeds our supply to the in field satellites that utilise water to control the sprinklers.  Below is a photo of the in line filter on this supply after 6 months in service compared to a new one.  No wonder people like to filter their water supply at home!!

Pretty easy to see the one on the left is the new one!!

On Wednesday night we had some intruders on the courses and they fortunately didn't cause too much damage.  The worst of it was at the bridge on 8W tee where they pushed the railing over and perhaps somewhat disappointingly didn't finish up on the rocks below themselves.  Just another unplanned 4 hour job for 3 men to replace the railing support amongst the other ongoing works that we undertake.

New railing support installed.


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