Friday, May 29, 2020

A pretty threatening sky and radar greeted us this morning but fortunately only a light shower eventuated.  Byron Bay got some more rain and have had a bit more than us this month for a change which I am fairly happy about.  It's a different story at Indooroopilly GC in Brisbane who have had less than 30mm in March, April and May compared to our total of 430mm for the same period.

Threatening skies and a rainbow this morning.

I have come across an interesting apparatus that is fitted to the flagstick that will allow the ball to be holed properly and removed without touching the flagstick.  It would allow the removal of the pool noodle but I would envisage it being permanent post Covid restrictions as well. Since the change of rules earlier this year allowing the flagstick to be left in, the damage to the edge of the hole has worsened with a lot of players still using either the suction cup on the bottom of their putter or a gloved hand and both methods mean more contact with the edge of the hole and resultant damage.  Since the pool noodle has been installed the damage to the edge of the hole has been reduced significantly.  I would be interested in readers thoughts on this one.


  1. Hi Peter
    Have seen this apparatus awhile ago on youtube and thought it would be a great thing too have instead off the noodle and could used post covid 19 to help protect the hole edge . Not sure if would cause any damage to the hole if the flag stick was been removed and put back in multiple times through the day post covid 19 .

  2. A great idea Peter. I believe a similar device is being used on golf courses in UK and Ireland - they have just started to open up there.


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