Friday, June 26, 2020

I was talking to a fellow Superintendent this week and we were discussing the value of experience on the course staff and I started to consider our Cool Tweed crew.  Sunday will mark my 21st anniversary with the Club and there are still four crew who were here at the start and over the years there has been 128 staff members come and go and stay.  The current crew have a combined total of 230 years on the courses and that includes the two apprentices who have just five between them so there's lots of experience out there.

Back to the courses and we were able to complete the spraying of the tree bases this week and were also able to fertilise all River course fairways.  The West greens were aerated with solid tines which helps get some much needed air into the soil profile without disturbing the playing surface too much.  It's been hard to get it done over the past few months with the amount of play we are getting and we quite often do it on a rainy day when there is no play on the courses.  Below is a photo of one of the actual tines used this week compared to a new one on the left.  The tines start off at 140mm long and a diameter of 6.3mm and after aerating half the West greens the tine had lost 10mm off its length.  There are twenty four tines on each machine and we look to get 80mm depth with 333 holes per square metre.  So that means we ''punched'' 3,996,000 holes on the greens this week!!

This much wear after 9 greens.

The new Club website is now active and to access the ''course conditions'' where motorised buggy status is published you just need to press the ''cloud'' icon on the RHS of the home page.  You don't need to be signed in to do this and this area also includes a link to this blog.

Press here for course conditions.

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  1. Peter I and others still wonder about your ability to produce greens which will hold proper golf shots. I play with and I include myself golfers with ability despite our ages, to record low scores. But your 17th green leaves much to be desired playing high 6 irons to the green and sometimes 7 cannot hold the green. You told me that the others would subsequently be as good (I say bad) as the 17th. Having played on tifeagle greens overseas that are younger than ours that get backspin, I doubt that our greens under your superintendents will ever hold or proper golf shots, and if you doubt my credentials I set a course record in the Australian Amateur in my youth and have been playing longer than you have been alive and still play on 6 aged 75.


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