Friday, December 11, 2020

It never rains - it pours!!  A really disappointing forecast for the next few days with the Tweed Coast Open set to be played from Sunday.  The crew have done an outstanding job in getting the West course ready for play but it may well be to no avail.  Even though the West does get a little wetter than the River, the volume of rain predicted would soak any golf course so unfortunately we just need to grin and bear it.  On my first day at Victoria GC all those years ago the then President said to me ''you will be working with Mother Nature and you can't beat her - so work with her''.  Very good advice that I have thought about often throughout my career, albeit a bit too often at Cool Tweed!.  This is what's coming rainfall wise if you haven't already seen.


After 1500mm of rain fell till the end of March it looked like 2020 might be on track for the wettest year on record but then things slowed and we have had only 666mm since, which for a lot of Australia is a years rainfall total.  Maybe that will change if we do get the expected rain over the coming week.  Although we need a fair bit as the wettest year on record was 1906 when 3,192mm fell which is the only time more than three metres has been recorded at Tweed Heads.  Year to date we are sitting at 2180mm which is a whole lot more than last years 962mm and the average for this location at 1665mm.  The groundwater levels have certainly dropped rapidly in the past few weeks but they should be well and truly replenished in the coming week.  

5W didn't quite dry up this year.



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