Friday, January 29, 2021

Seems crazy to actually want some rain after the past two months but we are drying out in a few areas already.  Having a mainly sandy soil profile is helpful during rainfall but not so good under the intense heat we have had this week as we dry out so fast.  

All River fairways and some selected tees were fertilised this week with a product that has a coating on the granule which allows the nutrients to release over an extended time rather than all up front.  Unfortunately the normal fertiliser of choice is temporarily unavailable so this is a substitute so will be interesting to see how it goes.  It would have been nice to get some rain on it but the fairway sprinklers will just have to do.

The West greens have recovered well from their renovation and will receive a top up sanding next Tuesday weather permitting.  The colour from the renovation fertiliser that got washed away isn't as patchy as what I thought it would be which was a relief.  

We have had a great result from a recent weed control application on the tees with the weeds mostly being encroaching Kikuyu and Blue Couch.  Time and weather have been against us for a while so the result is very satisfying and a follow up will occur next week.

Blue Couch dying off front 8R tee.

And last week the Tweed Shire Council's ''mozzie control plane'' was at work flying over Ukerebagh Reserve which is the land directly adjacent to 5R.  I got a video but can't seem to upload it for some reason so the photo below will have to do.  It was literally flying amongst the treetops which must take some skill and nerve.  Didn't seem to be as many mosquitos around this week so it may have done the job.

Just above the treetops!!


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