Friday, July 9, 2021

Another wet end to a week with over 26mm recorded this morning with a massive downpour really wetting the courses just on daybreak.  The 26mm we got compared with the Gold Coast Airports 6mm.  What a difference a few kilometres makes??  More showers during the day and then a downpour of 8mm at 2pm  has us really wet again and the soft conditions doesn't help the turf.  The tees in particular are taking an absolute hammering with the shaded ones in really poor condition.  The volume of play we are getting on soft shaded turf doesn't help.

The low player numbers due to the rain today though helped us get the West greens de-thatched and edged which was a bit of a bonus.  Elsewhere it was difficult to move around the courses due to the soft conditions.  Carts probably shouldn't have been on today but on my first inspection at 5am we were still ok but that deluge that followed caught us out. 

I have a machine booked to come in next week weather permitting that is a new type of aerator that I saw at the recent turf trade show.  It uses air injection to penetrate the surface and provides two ''blasts'' of air at 6 inches and then at 12 inches deep and creates a ''fracturing effect'' on the profile.  It will be used on some of the compacted tees that are staying wet and some of the entrance and exit areas from the cart paths to try and alleviate the compaction and facilitate some drainage.  The machine is self propelled and the operator walks and it virtually leaves no damage but is very slow moving so if you see the contractor out on the courses please give way where possible.

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