Friday, September 3, 2021

A first for us this week with the start of fairway aeration with our new tractor mounted implement in use.  It is essentially two of our existing walking machines coupled together on the back of a tractor and driven by the tractors power take off and so is quite a precision machine.  Previously we have had quite an ''agricultural'' type of aerator that probably did more harm than good.  With the amount of play we get it is going to be a very slow process but the fairways will show great benefit.  We are doing about half a fairway at a time that will allow players to gain relief to the other side of the fairway while we are working.  The cores are left on the fairway until dry and then rubbed in to effectively topdress the fairway.  The resultant ''chaff'' is then blown off.  Players may take relief under Rule 16.1b (relief for ball in general area) or play the ball as it lies.

We're off....aerating.

A totally unexpected 10mm of rain on Wednesday night was certainly welcome as we were starting to dry out.  A good tell-tale sign of how dry it is, are the drainlines showing up and also the recent successful root pruning becoming evident in a number of areas.  Below is a photo of a drain line on 1R fairway and some of the root pruned areas really showing out.

Drainline on 1R.

The first one is down the LHS 11R fairway and the line of the cut is quite distinct.  The other photo is from the RHS 11R fairway and there is enough moisture in the treated area to allow the Poa to still grow compared with the RHS towards the trees that is bone dry.

LHS 11R fairway.


Enough moisture for the Poa.

And from a bygone era when we had a great golf tour in Australia with the 1984 / 85 tournament schedule for Australian golf below.  Cool Tweed figures although the thought of playing a four day tournament in late February in our heat wouldn't be too appealing.  Especially after checking the rainfall records and Monday of that week had 43mm, Tuesday 4mm, Wednesday 14mm, Thursday 32mm and Friday 46mm!!  But alas the tournament was cancelled with the last Classic played in 1983 and won by Graham Marsh.  Payne Stewart and Gary Player were also winners of the Classic.

Some great tournaments  back in the day.

And I believe the photo below was taken in Australia and you would be hard pressed to get four greater legends warming up next to each other.  Reminds me of the old Tommy Bolt quote; ''I've seen Nicklaus watch Ben Hogan practice but I've never seen Hogan watch Nicklaus''.  Love the old Spalding bag.

Truly an awesome 4some.


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