Monday, September 27, 2010

Week commencing September 27th

Well the grass is certainly growing now with the temperatures creeping up and the daylight hours lengthening at long last.  On mornings like this morning I sometimes wonder if we will ever catch up with the grass growth, required spraying programs and still maintain a playing surface.

This week our main task, apart from mowing, will be to upgrade the irrigation on the short range practice fairway by adding some sprinklers along the car park fence, replacing some irrigation control tube and replacing the feed to the drinking fountain at the 10th River tee.  There will be some major trenching involved with this operation as we need to trench from the irrigation control box at the rear of the 9th River green all the way along the short range and across the front of the car park.  Preparatory works will commence on Monday 27th with trenching taking place on Tuesday.  The job should be completed by Thursday. 

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