Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The big wet

Firstly my thoughts are with all those in the south east of Queensland literally fighting for their lives and trying to salvage their belongings.  Being a little wet under foot as we are pales into insignificance when you see some of the footage to come from the torrential rains and subsequent flooding.  Unfortunately as golf courses are so often built in flood plains and/or low lying areas, the damage to golf courses will be some of the last we will see as the water clears.

At Coolie Tweed I have now recorded 665mm (just shy of 27 inches) of rain since the start of December with only nine days when there was no rain recorded.  To say that we are wet is an understatement although we have been lucky that so far upstream on the Tweed River hasn't had the volumes of rain that west of Brisbane have.  The course had dried out reasonably late yesterday but then a mere 6mm overnight had us wetter today than yesterday which I haven't seen happen before here.  I actually started verti-draining (deep aerating) through some of the puddles yesterday to try and get the water off the surface but to no avail, which amazed me.  The ground is that sodden that it can't take any more. 

Verti draining through puddles

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