Friday, January 7, 2011


Well it just continues to fall and the downpour on Wednesday night was extraordinary to say the least.  I recorded 105mm at the course and Coolangatta airport 110mm with their records showing that 100mm of that fell in just two hours between 9.30 and 11.30pm.  I was quite amazed at the lack of damage to the bunkers although once again it demonstrated just how good the re-constructed River course bunkers are with only two of them not being fully playable today.  The combination of some high tides and the volume of water coming down the Tweed River saw the highest levels I have seen today considering it hadn't rained much for 24 hours.  Buggy drivers had to wade through 6 inches of water at the 9th River tee as the water pushed in.  The downside of such a high water table and tide levels is the delay in the courses drying out with the West course absolutely saturated at the moment. 

1st River "creek" at high tide today

Whilst we are a little wet, spare a thought for golfers in the UK and even the USA where courses are being blanketed with snow as the photos below show.

Royal Dornoch

TPC Valencia just out from Los Angeles

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