Sunday, February 6, 2011


Who was it that was complaining about the cool rainy conditions??  It has certainly turned around now with the heat right up there with humidity to match.  The good news is that the River greens have responded and are now well on the way to the full grass cover I was talking about in the last post.  The greens will be lightly de-thatched this Tuesday then fertilised and sanded and then not mown until probably Saturday.  The 12th River green is still well behind where it should be so it will receive light aeration in addition to the above.  The mowing height on the 12th will also be lifted to allow the green to become as healthy as possible for the winter.

The West greens although horrendously affected by pitchmarks also have an excellent cover for this time of year.  The tees on both courses were fertilised last week and have also responded well to both the recent heat and fertiliser.

And you know it's dry when the drainage lines start showing up on fairways as can be seen in the photo below of the 18th River fairway. 

It would be nice to get some rain but not too much so as to spoil the course preparations for the Ladies Masters at Royal Pines this week.  Over the past couple of years they have had a terrible run with rain in the lead up to the event.  Good luck to Cool Tweed Member Paul McLean who is the Course Super at Royal Pines and his staff.

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