Friday, February 25, 2011

Next week

The post last week mentioned the use of a growth regulator on the fairways in particular and a few members have asked me about it so I will try and get some photos next week and do a report on the growth regulator then. 

I am certainly thankful that the growth regulator is out there at the moment as I have had a sudden departure of staff over the past 2 weeks and with the call from management to curb costs wherever possible, and particularly on payroll, my crew is running very thin.  Firstly our visiting Course Super from Denmark, Martin left after working for 3 months, then a new Greenkeeper from Royal Canberra who had only worked 1 week decided Lakelands was a better spot to work.  One of my casuals Mitch, son of Lindy in the Clubhouse, has returned to Uni and has dropped back to just one day per week and finally Kel, who is one of my Greenkeepers had his appendix out and will be off work for at least six weeks.  So virtually four men down in the space of two weeks and it is a credit to the rest of the crew that you would barely know out on the courses due to their great efforts.

Next week will see a little flurry of pre winter works as follows;
  • Installation of some drainage pits at the 6th River dam to prevent the bank washing away.
  • Investigate the state of the drainage pipe across 8 River fairway and attempt to repair the two major sinkholes there.
  • Remove the Melaleuca over the top of the seat at the 17th River tee which is considered extremely dangerous and unstable.
  • Trim some dangerous trees that are overhanging our boundary adjacent to the high rise. 
  • If time permits there will be a few other on course tree trimming jobs carried out.
  • Remove some dangerous surface roots on the 11th and 16th River tees and prepare them for turfing.
Let's hope the weather holds out so we can get these jobs finished on time.

The River greens have responded well to the lift in height and fertiliser program and have just about covered in the shade affected areas.  12 River green is now being hand mown at a higher height than the other River greens and apart from the front right corner which will require re-turfing is also covering well.  I now feel a lot more confident approaching winter but would still like plenty of fine sunny days but only about 25 degrees would be nice!.

The West greens have handled the mixed bag that summer has thrown at them quite well and in particular the heat and humidity of the past four weeks.  17 West green has also done well and the fan has been worth its weight in gold these past two weeks in particular with some extremely hot, still and humid nights and mornings.

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