Thursday, March 24, 2011

Practice green

As mentioned last week the Bentgrass practice green is under an enormous amount of stress from its location and traffic wear and tear and it has got to the stage now that the green is now closed to all play.  This late burst of hot summer type temperatures and humidity hasn't helped and I could see no alternative to closing the green.  As a greenkeeper there is nothing worse than watching one of your greens slowly going backwards and this has been the case with the practice green over the past few weeks.  The green is in desperate need of a renovation but the temperatures are still way too high to allow this just yet.

The West greens in general are struggling with this recent weather and the 120mm of rain we received last week end wasn't much help.  As soon as the weather cools, the West greens will be deep tyne aerated to allow some much needed air to get to the root zone. 

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