Friday, April 29, 2011

A Frustrating Week

An incredibly frustrating week now coming to an end.  The rain has been nothing but an annoyance particularly over the past two days with regular "scuds" ripping in off the ocean and topping us up.  The courses are very wet, in particular the West course with areas I have never seen hold water before absolutely sodden.  Motorised buggies have been off the West course over the past two days and unfortunately I had to keep them off the River course for the Members Comp today as well.  There is now a lot of wheel track damage occurring on too many of the River fairways and with the weather cooling and growth slowing, I had no alternative.  We are now approaching 9 inches of rain for April on top off nearly 12 inches in March.  Indeed since March 1st, I have recorded rain on 41 of the 60 days.

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