Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maintenance shed

Over the coming weeks you may see and hear some construction activity at our maintenance shed next to 9 West fairway.  We are building an additional shed that will allow for much needed extra machine storage area and will include a parts rinse bay.  We will also be installing a new fuel storage and dispensing system as our current one is an underground tank that has been in the ground for 25 years and was 20 years old when it was installed.  Underground storage tanks are coming under increased government regulation to the point that it will soon be extremely difficult to retain them.  Not to mention the potential impact on the environment from leaks.  The new tank is a "Convault" brand and is an above ground configuration that is fully self contained and has a 4 hour fire rating.  The Convault system is the safest method of storing flammable and combustible liquids above ground available.  The unit is also Australian made and will store 3,000 litres of unleaded fuel and 5,000 litres of diesel. . 

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