Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tree works

The cooler winter months provide the opportunity for us to catch up on some tree maintenance and that program has started this week.  Over the next couple of months we will be trimming any dead, low and / or dangerous branches as well as removing a few dead trees around the courses.  A cherry picker will also be utilised and the palm trees will receive their annual trimming when the ground dries out enough for us to get larger machines around the courses.  The removal of the trees at the rear of the 9th West green is also still on the agenda and is also awaiting some drier weather conditions.

The fan is still in place at the 17th West green primarily because we need to use a forklift to move it and it is too wet at the moment to even attempt that.  The fan should only be required from early November through March for the green and I would prefer to have it stored under cover and out of the weather so that will take place as soon as possible.

Motorised buggy usage in the continuing wet conditions is causing some turf damage, particularly at the entry and exit points to the concrete paths, especially on those points that are shade affected.  To help alleviate this problem some fine "cracker dust" will be used to fill some of the potholes that have appeared.  This is a last resort as the chance for damage to the mowers is increased but obviously needs to be done.

Those of you who have driven the famed 17 Mile Drive at Monterey in California which affords some great views of both the ocean and famous golf courses will be dismayed to know that the 3 green course in the front yard of the house around the corner from Cypress Point has been demolished.  This followed a ruling by the coastal commission that the course was not in compliance with the original zoning.  This ruling came 18 years after the house and course had been built! 

And the pilot of the light plane that had an emergency landing at Woolongong GC yesterday obviously didn't check with the Pro Shop first.....motorised buggies were off due to the wet conditions!!

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