Tuesday, September 20, 2011

De Thatching greens

The warmer weather has started the River greens growing and they received a de-thatching this morning.  The units we use attach to our existing greens mowers and are adjustable in their depth to about minus 5 mm.  At this time of year our units are set at level with the green surface which means the weight of the unit penetrates the surface just enough to remove a lot of dead material and cuts some of the stolons to encourage some new growth.  Three machines are needed to stay in front of the play and the greens are double covered "up and back" in the same line.  The greens are then mown to pick up the clippings that are left on the surface leaving a very good surface behind.  This is an operation that we will be doing at least fortnightly throughout the growing season and we will also sand the greens in conjunction with this operation on some occasions.  The other benefit of this operation is the smoothing out of the greens surface by reducing the leaf coverage and therefore the friction between the ball and the leaves which results in a smoother faster surface.

Close up of de-thatching unit

Units in action on 16 River green

Close up of green surface after de-thatching

And the warm weather brings out some of our wild life as well.  This rather sleepy carpet snake was enjoying the sun on 11 River fairway yesterday.  It provides golfers with a timely reminder to be aware of snakes on the courses although they generally don't want contact with humans so they are rarely seen.

Carpet snake out enjoying the warmth

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