Monday, September 12, 2011

Seeing the light

Anyone who has been on the Golf Management Committee at Cool Tweed would have heard me talk about the need for light for grass to grow.  The USGA Green Section have a saying that "If your grass isn't getting 8 hours sunlight a day....then why isn't it?".  The 9th West green is already showing marked improvement since the removal of the trees at the rear of the green and has now highlighted the next two greens that are badly affected by shade being 3 and 5 on the West course.  On the River course on the other hand, it is interesting to note the improvement on the 12th River green which is probably one of the most shaded greens I have ever seen.  But as the sun climbs higher in to the sky the green is gradually getting more and more sun, especially in the morning which helps lift the soil temperature and dry the surface.  The top photo below shows the 12th River at 8 am in early July in the depth of winter and the one underneath shows the green at 8am this morning with considerable sunlight across the back of the green.  If you look at the health of the green at the moment, the area in full sun at 8am is recovering very well.  It is almost a line of 8am sunlight area being healthy and non sunlight area still struggling.
12 River green early July

12 River green mid September

The West greens have recovered a little slower than expected from their renovation although given the weather we experienced during and immediately after, it is to be expected.  The greens are at the stage now of needing a final sanding to help level and smooth the surface out.  Weather permitting this should happen tomorrow morning.  It is timely to remember that although the greens are not at their best the need for pitchmarks to be repaired still remains and players assistance in this matter will be most appreciated.  At the end of the day you are really only helping yourself by improving the surface and allowing my staff to work on other areas of the course instead of repairing pitchmarks before mowing in the mornings. 

It is encouraging to see the 7 day forecast of mid teen lows and highs in the mid 20's which will really get the grass moving.  Not far from fertliser time and aeration for the fairways methinks.

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