Friday, January 22, 2016

A really busy week on the courses with a lot achieved but unfortunately the wind returned and as well as messing the place up has dried out the courses considerably.  As I have mentioned before the wind renders the irrigation system just about useless and this week is no exception. It is particularly hard to get even coverage on the greens in particular so areas do finish up being over watered and the greens are soft in places, particularly the West greens with the root system struggling against the soil temperatures.  We took the opportunity this week to give the greens a "needle tine" which is now becoming known as "venting" as you are doing just that - allowing air to enter the root zone.  I have always been cautious of this practice as the greens can turn blue very quickly at this time of year and stress to the limit.  Fortunately they got through well this week and with a light roll straight after you wouldn't know we had been there.  The River practice green was also done to give it some relief as it is taking all the practice at the moment.

Needle tine and roll on the River PG.

And speaking of the irrigation system being useless it certainly was earlier in the week when the Council plant had an electrical fault and no water was available for us for 48 hours so it was greens and tees only!!

As mentioned above the West greens are a lot softer at this time of year particularly in the mornings, however the pitch marks are non other than disgraceful.  The photo below is of 15W this morning and virtually no attempt has been made to repair any of these marks.

How does anyone ever make a putt?????

And you know it is hot when the Goannas come out to play!!  This one is regularly seen crossing 6R fairway. 
6R resident!

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