Friday, January 15, 2016

A very welcome and somewhat unusual cool change late today brings some respite for the West greens.  This is the time of year that they stress the most with high overnight temperatures maintaining soil temperatures putting pressure on the already frail root system.  Having said that they are in excellent condition for this time of year as is the Tifeagle on 17W which is absolutely thriving in the conditions along with the new practice green.

Unfortunately gale force winds accompanied the change which was a shame as the courses were both in as good a condition as I have seen them which has also been the feedback from the players which is also nice to hear.  Considering due to leave and sickness there were only 11 crew on the courses from Wednesday the staff earn a great pat on the back.

It always nice to see some wildlife on the courses and two Rosellas have taken up residence at the base of a Fig tree next to 14W tee which may not be the safest place!!

Emerging from the nest

And while much of Australia swelters this is the scene at Hazeltine in Minneapolis who will host the Ryder Cup in late September.  An amazing contrast!!

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