Friday, May 27, 2016

Another great week of weather but the wind on Thursday certainly messed the courses up somewhat.  It also made for some tough playing conditions for the Vets foursomes Championships.

And another week of irrigation blow outs with the worse being a 6 inch mainline next to 1 West green on Wednesday night which meant that the irrigation program for that night didn't run which left the West greens stressing for water.  We weren't able to mow them for the Vets Champs but with the way the wind got up that was probably a good idea in the end.

There has still been some fertiliser going out in select areas and this will continue whilst the weather continues.  Most of the rest of the turf is in good health although quite dry and with the loss of water from the irrigation break our storage is quite low so water is being used judiciously.  

The time of year has also come for the casual staff to have their hours reduced to match the budget so numbers are tight which makes it impossible to get everything done.  Once again it is about prioritising the works with the staff numbers available.  For example today with some annual and sick leave being taken I had just 8 staff!!  A friend of mine in Sydney on an 18 hole golf course has a staff of 25!!  If only!!

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