Friday, May 13, 2016

Well 10 degrees on Thursday morning was a rude awakening but the beautiful day time temperatures and lack of wind make for a lovely time on the Coast and out on the courses.  No wind means little or no leaf litter and the courses look so much better for it.

The River greens got a final sanding going in to winter, unless the unusually warm weather continues, and they are well placed to handle the no growth / high play period coming up.  The West greens have cooled enough to be able to be safely sanded and that will happen next week which will help even up the surface and fill in some of those unrepaired pitch marks.  The West greens will also be solid tined to allow for some much needed air exchange.  This particular operation has little or no effect on the putting surface.

We started mowing out the temporary greens on the back 9 West today in preparation for the arrival of the Tifeagle and they will receive several more mowings before being oversown to help produce a first class surface on the greens.  The location of the greens was determined by proximity to irrigation, access requirements for the construction works and suitable putting area.

Mowing out 12W temp.

And the cold weather on Thursday morning claimed a victim when an irrigation mainline blew out on 12R fairway right in the middle of the dogleg.  The change in temperatures can often cause pipe problems with some contraction and / or expansion of pipe joins and fittings.  Hopefully this is the only one for this year!!

12R fairway.

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