Friday, January 6, 2017

56 of the most welcome millimetres of rain earlier in the week with parts of the courses as dry as I have seen.  You know it's dry when there are burn marks left from buggies driving across areas that are parched so the rain was just in time.  The promise of more rain to come on Friday night is quite tantalising so hopefully it arrives and is slow enough to allow it to soak in.

The crew have done a great job over the short weeks with nearly everything getting covered over the past two weeks.  The massive number of players doesn't help productivity but the work continues although you need to keep your eyes aware of balls.

11, 13 and 16 West greens were opened last week end and have survived their first week relatively unscathed despite the large player numbers.  They are a little rough around the collars and surrounds but the greens are in fine condition and the surrounds are improving by the day.  14 and 15 will open this week end after only 10 weeks growth time since planting.  10 and 18 are both down to greens height so won't be far away from play.

Opening day for 11W

18W mowing height coming down

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