Friday, January 27, 2017

And then there was one!!!  Barring a catastrophe overnight West greens 10 and 18 will open to play tomorrow leaving just the 12th to go.  18W is only 10 weeks since planting and 10W is 11 weeks with 13W being the oldest green in play at just 15 weeks.  Improvement in the putting surface and coverage is noticeable virtually every day and once all greens are in play then some serious "across the board" greenkeeping can take place to smooth the surface out. 

The River greens have had some extra attention applied especially now that the "silly season" of golf has passed.  Almost daily 6am starts on the River course has made even bare basic maintenance difficult but time is now available for more work to be done.

Finally the end of the short working weeks with the passing of Australia Day.  Missing a days work has a dramatic effect on what can be achieved on the courses.  One staff member on annual leave and another with a family emergency on top of a casual employee resigning last Friday made it an extra tough week to get the work done.  Fortunately the irrigation system behaved itself and only required routine inspection over the week. 

A couple of calm mornings early in the week afforded the opportunity to get some herbicide out on the West course.  Most green surrounds and fairway borders were treated resulting in some yellowing off which will recover rapidly.

Hard to believe this is just 11 weeks ago on 18W

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